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How Do I Know If I Need to Replaster My Pool?

Unlike other masonry or hardscape surface products, pool plaster finishes are constantly subjected to varying water chemistry conditions, especially if the pool or spa is maintained improperly.

The constant exposure creates an environment where mineral content of the surface and water will cause the plaster surface appearance to change over time. Some changes are cosmetic, while others are a result of product deterioration. A swimming pool is an investment that provides years of enjoyment and a lifetime of memories. Most people understand the importance of pool maintenance and weekly chemical checks. But what about large pool repairs? Resurfacing your swimming pool is very important to increasing the longevity or your pool. Understanding when to resurface your pool is critical to avoiding further damaging your investment.

Structural Reasons

The pool’s plaster provides a waterproof layer between the water and the shell (usually gunite) of your swimming pool. Older pools were made with poured concrete walls or cinder block, which means that they are porous materials. Although the resurface is a waterproofing layer, it protects the reinforced beams, avoiding rusting. The resurface also serves to fill tile lines, and around the skimmer area.

Pool Aesthetics

Minerals such as copper and iron can stain the plaster. The variations in temperature can also affect the appearance of your pool’s plaster.

Mineral Stains

There are some minerals in the water like iron and copper that may stain the plaster. When this occurs, replace the plaster immediately. Usually, the stains appear years after the initial resurface application.

Gunite Exposure

Many swimming pools are built with Gunite to support the basin of the swimming pool. If you see an exposure, then it is time to resurface.

Plaster Flaking or Falling Off (Delamination)

If you plaster has started to flake or fall of your pool’s surface it may be time to resurface your pool.

When choosing plaster finishes, Tile Concepts will guide you in the decision-making process to ensure that you understand the pros and cons of each product. A guide is provided to clients that details each of the products that Tile Concepts uses.

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