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Our Services

The team is laser-focused on providing exceptional customer service and meticulous workmanship with every renovation.  Our services include:



Coping Replacement

Tile, Mastic and Coping Repairs

*Coping replacement can only be done with a retile and replaster renovation. It cannot be done on its own. Browse through our services below, and get in touch for an estimate today.



Highest Quality Materials

The most common resurfacing material for concrete (gunite) pools is plaster.  Plaster produces a beautiful appearance, creates a smooth surface for swimmers and provides a watertight seal to the rough concrete shell. With the correct maintenance, plaster can last from seven to 15 years before re-plastering is needed.

Replastering a pool correctly requires experience,  Tile Concepts uses full-time, fully-insured crews who have plastered thousands of pools over the years.  We cap all the return lines in the pool and spa to safeguard against back water getting in the pipes, dripping out of the return fittings and causing a streak or line in the plaster. We monitor the pool’s PH level at various stages as it fills to ensure that there is no scaling on your new finish.


Coping Renovation

Not a Stand-alone Service

Replacing your coping can dramatically change your pool's appearance, however, it cannot be done as a stand-alone renovation.  It must be done while retiling and replastering your pool because removing coping can cause damage to the plaster and tile and ultimately allow water to get behind the pool wall and cause further damage down the road.

With so many options available, creating a look that stays true to your style is simple. For natural flagstone, we predominately work with Oklahoma or Leuders stone. For a more formal look, customers often choose Travertine.


Customized to Your Preferences

Replacing tile can not only improve the aesthetics of your pool, it can also provide structural integrity. Tile Concepts uses Noble Tile Supply as its main distributor because of their product quality and excellent customer service.  A Noble Tile product showroom, located in Dallas, provides clients with an opportunity to view many different options.  There are three additional tile distributors in the area that work with Tile Concepts, if needed, to acquire a specific tile or product. 
At Tile Concepts, we stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs.

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Tile, Stone and Coping Repair

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

When complete renovations are not required, smaller repairs can be made to the tile, mastic and coping.  Pool mastic is the caulking between the plaster, tile and the coping, also known as edging. Coping gives the pool a finished look and creates a cap around the pool that prevents water from getting behind the pool walls. Mastic is a strong, waterproof adhesive that sits between concrete sections to prevent any water from escaping through the cracks and causing damage to the pool’s concrete or your surrounding deck area.

Falling pool tiles can happen when the glue that bonds them to the pool starts to wear off.  Tile Concepts can assist you with these repairs and help you determine the correct course of action to take.

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